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Case of the Month

  July 2015

A middle-aged man presents with a skin eruption on his scalp, neck, ear and upper back (see picture). He is also known to have Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension for the past 10 years. Diagnosed as CKD secondary to diabetic nephropathy 2 years ago. He underwent pre-emptive renal transplantation 2 months ago. He had an uneventful recovery and was discharged with a stable creatinine of 1.6mg/dl, on Cyclosporine + MMF + Prednisolone. No induction therapy was given. He did not suffer any rejection episodes in the past 2 months. The only other problem was poorly controlled blood sugar level despite being on insulin.

The patient is otherwise all right, afebrile and has no other complaints.

Current laboratory values are:

Hb 11.8.
TLC 6500.
Platelets 240000
Urea 45mg/dl.
Creatinine 1.6 mg/dl
Random Blood Sugar 210 mg/dl
Urine R/E is Normal
CXR is unremarkable.


What is the most probable diagnosis?

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