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Case of the Month

  December 2014

The immunofluorescence on this renal biopsy was negative for all immunoglobulins and was positive only for C3.

Case of the Month December 2014

Which of the following statements is correct?

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    • Profils d'hémodialyse
    • A part l'hypotension per dialytique a des UF horaires <10% du poids de départ, je ne vois pas d'indication au profils decroissant couples d'UF et de Na, les autres types de profils presents sur...
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    • Recurrent clotting of extra-co...
    • ok 3 common causes for early circuit clotting the most common one is improper priming of the circuit .. but I guess you use B Braun machines .. they should detect improper priming .. so it's less...
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    • drwael's Avatar
    • Recurrent clotting of extra-co...
    • It usually start to clot after 15 minutes from start.with relentless elevation of the pre-filter pressure with almost normal venous pressure..boluses of Heparin used to be infused whenever PBE...
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    • Profils d'hémodialyse
    • Utilisez vous les profils d UF et de NA pour les patients qui ne posent pas de problème d'hypotension perdialytique. Et qui sont normotendus ou hypertendus avec TA élevées qu'elle soit volo ou...
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    • Mahmoud's Avatar
    • Recurrent clotting of extra-co...
    • how do you give the 10,000 units ? all at once please explain when does the clotting happens usually ? first hour, second, 3rd or 4th ? do you use UF profile ? what size of needle do you use ?
    • 3 hours 53 minutes ago

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