How to prevent or avoid diabetes ?

Diabetes is a disease that affects young and old alike these days. In some people it can be hereditary. To prevent it, you should follow some advice. In this article, we will give you some advice on how to prevent diabetes ?

Playing sports

Sport is a good way to fight against excess weight and bad fats. Since obese people are more likely to develop diabetes more quickly. Regular physical activity will therefore help to eliminate fat and facilitate good blood circulation. It will also reduce the amount of sugar in the blood and facilitate the action of insulin.

Opt for a balanced diet

In order to limit the risk of diabetes, it is advisable to eat well; diet being the basis of all good health. Therefore, for a balanced diet, it is important to prioritise the consumption of fruit and vegetables during meals. You should also remember to vary your diet during the different meals of the day. It is also important not to snack between meals. Alternatively, you should eat some fruit.

Avoiding stress and anxiety


Stress and anxiety are triggers for diabetes in some people. So to prevent it, you should avoid stress and anything else that might be related to it. It is advisable to find an interest that relaxes you. If you are anxious, you will need to learn how to manage your stress effectively. You can also ensure that you have a fulfilling social life by talking or going out with friends.

Watch your weight

In order to prevent diabetes, you need to constantly monitor your weight. So if you are overweight, you must agree to lose weight through both physical activity and a healthy diet. You will not only be fighting diabetes, but also many other opportunistic diseases. Calculate your body mass index to find out whether or not you are overweight even if you are not obese.