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by Meguid El Nahas - Thursday, 17 September 2015, 3:13 PM
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On the 17th of September the New York Times published a well balanced account of the issue of kidney dysfunction in the growing elderly population, it was entitled:

Chronic Kidney Disease Can Be Dubious Diagnosis

and it highlighted the debate that rages amongst Nephrologists with on one hand those claiming an alarming rise in those affecetd by CKD; mostly the elderly population, and on the other hand those calling for moderation and consideration that such a high prevalence of "CKD" merely reflects the decline in kidney function with ageing and arguing against the medicalisation of old age...

The artilce received many congratulations and acclaims for its fair and balanced display of the two prevailing views.

The story doesnt stop here...with a fair and well reported medical item by a major newspaper of international repute and acclaim...

Pressure was brought to bear on the author of this excellent article by those who saw in the above title a bias...favoring those doubting the label of CKD in th eelderly population...leading her to change the title in subsequent editions to:

For Older Adults, Questioning a Diagnosis of Chronic Kidney Disease

whilst this is in itself surprising and disappointing, it highlights alarming facts:

1. The Press, even in the most advanced of democracies, gives in to lobbies and pressure...

2. The Press is not free to express its views and biases, unchecked by those who hold differing views...

3. The general and medical Press is hostage to pressure and lobbies that curtails its freedom of expression.

I though this was the domain of politics and political lobbies, this incident highlighted to me that medical reproting is equally hostage to pressure and gives in equally to lobbies and censure.


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