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IN aswer to the shortage of Nephrology trainees in US…/a-new-nephrologic-syndrome-acute-fel…/ 

Highly significant and related to what I have been writing and saying about the need for further engagement between nephrology and regenerative medicine! 

To put the situation succinctly, the stem cell generated kidney is the "moon shot" of regenerative medicine, substantially harder to pull off than the stem cell generated liver or heart. Nephrologists possess the unique knowledge that can make this "moon shot" happen, but they are running scared from regenerative medicine because their leaders are telling them "this will make everything we do redundant"! They need to embrace renal regenerative medicine as a logical extension of what they are already doing, and once they do that the best and the brightest young people will once again be competing to enter the field! I can think of no bigger issue than this right now in nephrology.


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