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by Soccoh Kabia - Friday, 25 May 2012, 1:05 PM
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Results from the COSMOS study were reported today.  This is an observational, non interventional study comparing the outcomes of patients treated with phosphate binders compared to those not received any binders.  It is a nulti-centre study that compared the outcomes of some 4500 patients from 220 centres who received binders to 2000 patients who didn't.  Those treated with binders had a better survival.

Clearly a lot of money has been invested to show that if you have low phosphate not needing binders you are probably elderly, frail and malnourished with likely poor outcome.  In fact the authors admit that the non-binder group were older. 

I am sure we will have many drug reps knocking on our doors telling us how phosphate binders save lives!

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