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by Meguid El Nahas - Sunday, 5 November 2017, 3:06 PM
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It is impossible to capture the "leading news" from the ASN meeting -  it is simply too immense-

In my field of glomerular disease, I would gave to pick out the CARDINAL and MENTOR trial findings

CARDINAL is a randomized placebo controlled study of the effects of Bardoxolone  methyl on GFR and profession of CKD in patients with Alport syndrome.  This agent was demonstrated to significantly increase GFR on a sustained basis.  Adverse events were minimal.  We do not know yet if it will prevent or delay ESRD.

MENTOR is a randomized controlled comparison study of Rituximab vs Cyclosporine A in patients with Nephrotic Syndrome due to presumed Primary Membranous Nephropathy (MN). At 24 months (12 months after stopping CsA) Rituximab therapy was non-inferior ( and likely to be greatly superior) to CsA therapy in terms of sustained complete or partial remission.  We will have to wait for an analysis of the impact of PLA2R antibody levels on these outcomes- but Rituximab has been elevated in the hierarchy of drugs used for treatment of MN as a consequence of this well designed and conducted study.

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