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Increasingly, I come to realise that the two and three days intensive CME meetings packed with endless lectures by an endless list of eminent senior nephrologists that is favoured by so many nephrology CME orgainsers and societies is a waste of time. I wonder how many of those young nephrologists sitting in the back of some of these CME meetings digest the heavy content of lectures???? I wonder is that old fashioned didactic style of teaching with often recirculated and regurgitated lectures help anybody other than the travelling party of lecturers visiting yet another nice country...

It is high time that we, as educators, pay more attention to the educational needs of our younger colleagues.

It is high time we design CME programs that involves them in the planning; how often do we ask an audience to choose from a list of topics "Menu". I did that recently and there was panic in the audience...surprise, even dismay, that they can choose themselves the teaching topic that I was about to give them. They are so used to be told what to learn...what to do... and has lost the courage to take initiatives and the responsibility of their own learning!?

The Global Kidney Academy (GKA) has been set up to address some of these needs in emerging countries and also teach young emerging nephrologists to become educators themselves and take the lead in organising their own teaching requirements. Leadership in Education has to come from them and we should support their initiatives. For that I have also founded the international Nephrology Education Foundation (iNEF) to support their initiatives through grants and other means of support.

Teaching should consist more of Workshops aimed at young emerging nephrologists based on their choice of topics and relying on case-based small group discussions and breakout sessions facilitated by a regional as well as international faculty.

Gone the endless 45minutes rehashed lectures!

It is time to move on with Nephrology education Worldwide into a more user friendly format owned by the user and facilitated by those who support their training! 


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