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N Engl J Med. 2016 Nov 10;375(19):1817-1820.

Vitamin D Deficiency - Is There Really a Pandemic?

Prof Arif Khwaja quoted from the article:
A common misconception is that the RDA functions as a “cut point” and that nearly the entire population must have a serum 25(OH)D level above 20 ng per milliliter to achieve good bone health. The reality is that the majority (about 97.5%) of the population has a requirement of 20 ng per milliliter or less. Moreover, by definition of an average requirement, approximately half the population has a requirement of 16 ng per milliliter (the EAR) or less
This article may rebalance the debate suggesting that the majority of dark skinned individuals have native Vitamin D insufficiency or deficiency:
All too often norms are defioned in young, caucasian, western populations...and applied across the world's various and heterogeneous populations with different:
genetic background
different binding protein levels
different free and bound vitamin D levels
different activation levels to 1-25D
different VDR responses
Before we accept that there is a global pandemic of VitaminD deficiency causing all the world's may be judicious to examine the evidence critically....and temper the drive to over prescribe 25D to whole populations...
Big Pharma may want us to...we need to exert caution!
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