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by Meguid El Nahas - Sunday, 7 June 2015, 2:23 PM
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Blog based on a lecture by Professor Samir Mallat at the Global Kidney Academy Master Class held in Prague on 7 June 2015.

SIMPLICITY HTN3 showed no effect of renal sympathetic denervation (RSD) on the control of hypertension.

Subgroup analyses of SIMPLICITY3 suggest that the effect may not be as negative as initially thought:

1. Those <65y may respond to RSD

2. Non African Americans may respond to RSD

3. Those NOT on alpha blockers may respond to RSD

4. The number of ablation bursts >10 may be beneficial

5. The circumferential denervation may be most effective

Consequently, more studies are planned.

Is that good clinical research, following leads from posthoc and subgroup analyses, to establish new evidence?


is it the perseverance of the medical industrial complex that has invested heavily in that technology and doesnt want to ditch it...?

along with

medical practitioners who saw a potential source of income and private practice and dont want to give it up...?

The verdict is out...

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