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by Meguid El Nahas - Friday, 17 August 2012, 11:31 AM
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This is the real problem of CKD....Ageing and the associated Co-Morbidities!
Age-associated increased Co-Morbidities impacts on kidney function from the age of 45 onward!
Consequently, CKD increases with age and represents the majority of those detected within communities with impaired kidney function. 
In order to reduce the incidence of CKD, attention (Prevention & Detection) should focus on predisposing NCDs:
Data from the National Health Interview Survey, 1999–2000 and 2009–2010
• Between 1999–2000 and 2009–2010, the percentage of adults aged 45–64 and 65 and over with two or more of nine selected chronic conditions 
increased for both men and women, all racial and ethnic groups examined, and most income groups.
• During the 10-year period, 
the percentage of adults aged 65 and over with both hypertension and diabetes increased from 9% to 15%; 
prevalence of hypertension and heart disease increased from 18% to 21%;
and prevalence of hypertension and cancer increased from 8% to 11%. 
• The percentage of adults aged 45–64 with two or more of nine selected chronic conditions who did not receive or delayed needed medical care due to cost increased from 17% to 23%, and the percentage who did not receive needed prescription drugs due to cost increased from 14% to 22%.
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