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Effect of Frequent or Extended Hemodialysis on Cardiovascular Parameters: A Meta-analysis

Paweena Susantitaphong, MD,1,2,3 Ioannis Koulouridis, MD,1,2 Ethan M. Balk, MD, MPH,2,4 Nicolaos E. Madias, MD,1,2 and Bertrand L. Jaber, MD, MS1,2

Background: Increased left ventricular (LV) mass is a risk factor for cardiovascular mortality in patients with chronic kidney failure. More frequent or extended hemodialysis (HD) has been hypothesized to have a beneficial effect on LV mass.

Study Design: Meta-analysis.

Setting & Population: MEDLINE literature search (inception to April 2011), Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials and using the search terms “short daily HD,” “daily HD,” “quotidian HD,” “frequent HD,” “intensive HD,” “nocturnal HD,” and “home HD.”

Selection Criteria for Studies: Single-arm cohort studies (with pre- and post-study evaluations) and trials examining the effect of frequent or extended HD on cardiac morphology and function and blood pressure parameters. Studies of hemofiltration, hemodiafiltration, and peritoneal dialysis were excluded.

Intervention: Frequent (2-8 hours,

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