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by Meguid El Nahas - Friday, 25 May 2012, 7:06 PM
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Dr Pierre Delanaye Posted from EDTA Paris on OLA French and translated:

First "summary" of EDTA for those who do not have the opportunityto attend.
Study of the session "Late Clinical Trial"
The study was conducted in OkinawaIt is named OCTOPUS and is presented by Dr. Iseki.
The study concerns the interest of olmesartan in patientsundergoing hemodialysisThe defintion used for the HTA is a voltage higher than 140/90Subjects are randomized and followed for 3.6 yearsAre included hemodialysis patients from 20 to 79 yearsExcluded are patients receiving ACE inhibitors or ARBsthesevere hypertension (200/100), hypotension in dialysis frequentdialysis vintage within a month.
235 subjects in the olmesartan group and 234 in the control group.
Patients are randomized with the following characteristics("rounded"): 60 years88 months of dialysis (!), 32% had diabetes,BMI 24KT / V 1.15systolic BP 160 mmHgdiastolic BP to 80 mm Hg
BP was controlled identically in both groups but overall systolic BPremains above 140 mmHg.
The authors observed no difference in mortality nor in theircombined primary endpoint (cardiovascular endpointsInfarstroke,unstable anginaheart failure requiring hospitalization). Side effects are also identical (including hyperkalemia).
Limitations of the studyno data on the water status which is arelatively important limitationselection of patients likely the "best"patients, particularly given the number of years already spent indialysisvery low number of events (even for Japan), for examplemortality of 4.7per year and combined endpoint of 9.1per year.
Another negative study dialysed patients ...
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