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I attended an interesting symposium held on ESNT D4 which stimulated an intense discussion then! "Opposing Views: Stem cell and kidney tissue reconstruction; where we are? " The symposium was elegantly introduced by Prof. Meguid El Nahas. Prof. Gamal Saadi (Cairo University) presented his talk under the heading "we are already there" where he is carrying a clinical trial on a small number of CKD II to III patients treated with HSC but with no control group. He reported an improvement in terms of decline of serum creatinine and disappearance of fibrosis on post-treatment renal histopathology. Lupus patients enrolled on this study were also on their regular immunosuppressive therapy. Prof. Hussein Sheashaa (Mansoura University) delivered Prof. Mohamed Sobh view and argued against its use as a current therapeutic modality in humans in his talk "We are still far" coming across several reports of side effects and questioning the safety profile of such therapy in humans. He pointed out that stem cell therapy is still very much experimental and more animal studies are still needed to prove efficacy and safety. The talks stimulated an intense discussion and debate that was later wrapped up by Prof. El Nahas. Perhaps we can start discussing this issue more extensively here on OLA (no time limit as in the symposium!), discuss the level of evidence (if any), and share opinion regarding recent developments in stem cell research and their possible implications to attenuate fibrosis and to treat CKD.
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