World Kidney Day 2018

Written by Meguid El Nahas on Friday, 29 September 2017. Posted in OLA Blog

World Kidney Day 2018

The World Kidney Day (WKD) theme for 2018 is:"Kidneys & Women's Health"...

I am not sure what this i to expect the theme in 2019 to be... "Kidneys & Men's Health...

then what?!..."Kidney's & Africans' Health" or "Kidneys & Native Americans' Health"... all real issues but pointless focuses and even distractions for an annual World Kidney Day event!

The obsession of those who organise WKD of "Having a Theme"... is making a mockery of this very important annual event; choosing unfounded and meaningless themes such as "Kidneys and Women's Health"... We had "Drinking Water" before...When there is NO NEED TO HAVE A THEME!

Why have a theme that focuses every year on a single aspect in Nephrology when "KIDNEY DISEASES"  and "KIDNEY HEALTH" are overwhelming justifying messages that suffice to hold a WKD event every year...

Others who organise an annual focus day such as World Diabetes Day...World Hypertension Day...AIDS Day...etc, dont seem compelled to find a theme beyond the obvious one of reminding the world and raising awarness of the condition under focus. There is no need to have Diabetes & Women's Health Day...or AIDS and Women...for instance! or "Diabetes and Retina or Foot Health Day"...

So I urge those who choose a theme for WKD to drop that urge every year to come up with a theme...and come to appreciate that WKD suffice by itself to focus every year minds, and hopefully raise funds, to fight KIDNEY DISEASE FOR ALL...Men and explain how devastating kidney disease can be...their causes...their prevention...their societal impact...their human cost...

Kidney Diseases are so devastating that having an annual World Kidney Day is a fully justifiable and great initiative started in 2006.

To have a theme every year is a damaging and pointless diversion.

Meguid El Nahas

Professor Meguid El Nahas PhD, FRCP

Chief Editor, OLA Director

Professor El Nahas was born in Cairo, Egypt and undertook his undergraduate medical education in...
Posted: 5 months 2 weeks ago by arif.khwaja #21591
arif.khwaja's Avatar
Completely agree. The rationale is apparently that international woman's daybis in the same day. I can't think of any kidney disease apart from lupus that is strongly associated with women
The problem with having themes is that you eventually run out and dilute the message
Its analogous to exaggerating the prevalence of CKD to somehow prove its importance.
In the end this all detracts from the wider message
Posted: 5 months 2 weeks ago by elnahas #21592
elnahas's Avatar
This justification of the Women Health theme is pathetic!
Is WKD going to tag onto any other world event that coincides with it...World Labour Day...World LBTG Day...and so on?!
Is that because the Nephrology community cant think of a Nephrology specific theme?!, highlighting what you say about "running out of plausible themes"...
We should get rid of themes and like World Heart Day, two days ago, stick to the general global theme of kidney diseases' devastating impact and the plea of those affected.
Posted: 5 months 2 weeks ago by Ruigomes #21593
Ruigomes's Avatar
Perfect Prof. Meguid El Nahas. I agree completely. CKD prevention for everyone is the focous.
Posted: 5 months 2 weeks ago by elnahas #21594
elnahas's Avatar
We should campaign to drop these silly and meaningless themes! They demean WKD...!
Posted: 5 months 2 weeks ago by elnahas #21595
elnahas's Avatar
Let us not reduce WKD to a "theme" every year!
Posted: 5 months 2 weeks ago by alanephro #21596
alanephro's Avatar
Absolutely right
We need an annual celebration for all efforts to fight kidney disease

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