Have you washed your hands?

Written by Martin Wilkie on Monday, 03 April 2017. Posted in OLA Blog

Have you washed your hands?

Given that infection control is a key issue in dialysis units, and that antimicrobial resistance is an international threat, why then do we not routinely teach all centre-based dialysis patients to wash their hands when they come for dialysis?  Clean hands Save lives  http://www.taggcleanhands.com

Maybe I am wrong - maybe this is standard practice on your unit.  Please let me  know




Posted: 10 months 2 weeks ago by saja71 #21408
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agree we should encourage patients engagement in basic infection control policy
Posted: 10 months 1 week ago by elnahas #21413
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what difference does it make whether HD patients wash their hands or not?!

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