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Meguid El Nahas

Professor Meguid El Nahas PhD, FRCP

Chief Editor, OLA Director

Professor El Nahas was born in Cairo, Egypt and undertook his undergraduate medical education in...
Arif Khwaja

Dr Arif Khwaja PhD, FRCP

OLA Director

Dr Arif Khwaja is a Consultant Renal Physician at the Sheffield Kidney Institute and Honorary...
Neveen A Soliman ElShakhs

Professor Neveen A Soliman ElShakhs MD, PhD

OLA Director

Dr. Neveen A Soliman ElShakhs is a Professor of Pediatrics and Pediatric Nephrology, Kasr Al Ainy...
Pierre Delanaye

Dr Pierre Delanaye MD, PhD

OLA Director

Dr Pierre Delanaye is currently Nephrologist in the University hospital of Liège (CHU Sart...
Richard Glassock

Professor Richard Glassock MD

Karger OLA Chief Editor, OLA Contributor

Professor Richard Glassock obtained his Doctor of Medicine from the UCLA School of Medicine. He...
William McKane

Dr William McKane PhD, FRCP

OLA Contributor

Dr William McKane was awarded his medical degree by the University of Cambridge in 1990 having...
Ahmed Halawa

Mr Ahmed Halawa MSc, MD, FRCS, FRCSEd (Gen)

OLA Contributor

Dr Halawa is a Consultant Renal Surgeon at the Sheffield Kidney Institute and Senior Lecturer at...
Aimun Ahmed

Dr Aimun Ahmed MSc, MD, PGC Med Ed, FRCP

OLA Contributor

Dr Aimun Ahmed is a Consultant Nephrologist at the Renal Department at Royal Preston Hospital,...
Alan Watson

Professor Alan Watson MD, FRCP

OLA Contributor

Professor Alan R Watson is Professor of Paediatric Nephrology at the University of Nottingham,...
Anderson R. Roman Gonçalves

Professor Anderson R. Roman Gonçalves MD, PhD

OLA Contributor

Professor Anderson Roman Gonçalves graduated in 1988 at the Federal University of Paraná,...
Fernando Fervenza

Dr Fernando Fervenza C, MD, PhD

OLA Contributor

Fernando C. Fervenza MD. D.Phil (Oxon) Professor of Medicine, Mayo Graduate School of Medicine,...
Francesco Locatelli

Professor Francesco Locatelli MD, FRCPC

NOC Faculty

Scientific Director Alessandro Manzoni Hospital Department of Nephrology, Lecco, Italy
Franco Ferrario

Professor Franco Ferrario MD

OLA Contributor

Professor Ferrario is professor of Pathology and the Director of the NephroPathology Center at...
John Pickering

Dr John Pickering PhD

OLA Contributor

Dr Pickering is a Research Associate Professor and director of Clinical Data Research (CDaR) in...
Jose Mario Franco de Oliveira

Professor Jose Mario Franco de Oliveira MD, PhD

OLA Contributor

Professor de Oliveira is certified as a Nephrologist, Preventive Cardiologist, and Adult...
Macaulay AC Onuigbo

Professor Macaulay AC Onuigbo MD, MSc, FWACP, FASN, MBA

OLA Contributor

Attending Nephrologist & Hypertension Specialist, Mayo Clinic Health System, Eau Claire,...
Nicholas Fardon

Dr Nicholas Fardon MB,BS, FRCP

OLA Contributor

Dr Nicholas Fardon trained at St Thomas’s Hospital (UMDS) in London, qualifying in 1989. He...
Sherif Saad Sulatan El Shazly

Dr Sherif Saad Sulatan El Shazly MRCP

OLA Contributor

Dr Sherif Saad Sulatan El Shazly graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University in...
Simon Davies

Professor Simon Davies

OLA Contributor

Simon Davies is a consultant nephrologist at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire and...